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We do believe in the power of collaboration. Discuss with our experienced engineers on your specific needs, let us amplify your strength and handle the constraints in a professional way.

Customized from a Current Model:

The most effective and efficient way to manufacture a charger caters your specific needs / requirements. Our expertise would get you a best-fit from the available series as a prototype and you can then contribute with your specific output power, parameters, dimensions, other concerning factors including the cost constraints. Our core team of dedicated engineers and crew at the factory will be here to help you out.

Design and Develop a Brand-New Product / Solution:

From the original abstract concept, functional and technical features to the exterior mechanical design, we as a team will be your most reliable support and back-up. A careful calculation on the constraints imposed by the enclosure type, the heatsinking method and the magnetic topology together with the overall production cost would determine if your initial PCB-layout successful or not. Our R&D engineers work close with the crew at the factory to implement and realize your projection.

Your One-Stop, Reliable Solution:

We target to be your most reliable partner for turning your ideas into real products, which are efficient, competitive and definitely safe. Attaining Agency Approvals forms an integral part of the whole project; delivering a final product meeting the relevant safety and EMI standards is essential.