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MEC Energietechnik GmbH, established in Villach/Austria in 2015, is the European arm of Mengling Power Electronics (Dong Guan) Ltd in China  and Mainland Energy Conversion Ltd in Hong Kong.

We in Villach can offer our customers Battery Chargers of modern design and proven technology, product development in our field of expertise and OEM-production, in our factory in China.
We not only understand our customers’ language, their strengths and constraints when it comes to development and production of chargers and battery related systems. We also understand the opportunities and drawbacks of doing business with the Far East - to the advantage of both sides.

Direct sales of Battery Chargers (40W to 3KW) off-the-shelf, but produced in our own factory.
- Deliveries as per customers’ specifications:
  Our chargers are programmable, the customer will get a product
  with a charge profile of his own choice.

- Realization of customers’ request for change:
  optional add-ons, like CAN-bus, ignition-lock function, different
  types of charge cords with special terminal connectors, etc.

Development of Battery Chargers, for and with the customer.
 - The actual development process:
   Can be based on one of our various existing product platforms,
   a fast and cost effective way of arriving at the customer’s
   specific target. Form factor, size, power and cost constraints
   are best met by closely working with the customer and the
   engineers in our factory.

- The overall concept of constructing the new product:
   Our R&D Engineers in the factory work directly with their colleagues responsible for mechanical design. A first PCB-layout can’t be done in
   isolation from the constraints imposed by the enclosure type, the heatsinking method and the magnetic topology, with the cost associated.

-  EMI and agency approvals:
   these activities are an integral part of the R&D process, with the target to deliver a final product, meeting the valid relevant standards for
   product safety and EMI.

Production of OEM-Products in our ISO9001:2015 certified factory.
Our final product assembly lines not only rely our SMT-production, equipped with fast Pick & Place machines and modern optical inspection systems, but also on our “internal suppliers” for stamped enclosures, heatsinks and inductive components.
These in-house suppliers are the precondition for the large mix of products of ours and those we manufacture for OEM-customers, like: Laboratory Power Supplies, Electronic Loads and other.

An essential contribution to stable product quality is made by our Hong Kong office, by buying critical parts for our factory from reputable international vendors, and by handling logistical tasks with professionalism.

MEC in Austria is connected with our Hong Kong office and the factory in China through our ERP-System: direct insight into production- and logistical processes create clarity and timely answers for our customers, even across continents and time zones.  

MEC – the better Alternative.


MEC-Energietechnik GmbH Energiestraße 3
9500 Villach

Tel: +43 4242 55100
Fax: +43 4242 5510011